The Spirit of New Orleans

As the A. B. Freeman School of Business begins the 2016–17 academic year, I am proud to introduce myself as the new president of the Tulane Association of Business Alumni (TABA). I am blessed to serve on the TABA board with an incredible group of colleagues who are leaders in their own businesses and in the New Orleans community. They have a passion for both the traditions and future of the Freeman School, as well as those of the city of New Orleans and greater geographic region.

Scott Cunningham, president of TABA.

Scott Cunningham, president of TABA.

One of TABA’s biggest annual events, the Tulane Business Forum, took place on Friday, Sept. 9. The committee tasked with organizing the forum did an excellent job forming the program. This year’s theme, “Purpose-Driven Business: How to Profit and Make a Difference,” related as much to this year’s speakers as to the spirit of New Orleans itself.

The spirit of New Orleans lives in our history, culture, music, food, art, architecture and hospitality, but in recent years the city has also become known for entrepreneurship, volunteerism, outreach and service to others. We have a tradition of playing an active role in our community, and there is an endless variety of ways citizens can give back and make a difference. I would like to believe that Tulane has encouraged and participated in this spirit through the university’s commitment to public service as a prerequisite for graduation as well as more recent programs, such as social entrepreneurship, fostered by the Freeman School’s Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

While we were active in volunteerism during our studies in New Orleans, some may have found that challenging to continue upon joining the workforce and devoting time to friends and family. But as alumni of Tulane and the Freeman School, it is important for us to remember that we have the education and skills needed to make a difference in our communities.

For those alumni living outside New Orleans, whether it is through your local TABA or Tulane Alumni Association Chapter, corporate philanthropy, faith-based or community service organizations, or a charity close to your heart, I encourage you to find a way, find a niche, find an organization in your own community and ignite that spirit of New Orleans, wherever you may be.

Scott Cunningham (MBA ’10), President

Tulane Association of Business Alumni

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