Freeman Launches New Master’s Program in Energy

Master of Energy Program

The new Master of Energy program is designed to provide students with the advanced skills required for jobs in energy finance, analysis, risk management, consulting and trading.

The Freeman School has been preparing students for careers in energy for more than 25 years. Now, in response to unprecedented demand for young professionals who combine a firm grasp of industry fundamentals with hands-on experience using the latest technologies, the Freeman School has created a new master’s degree program to provide students with the advanced skills required at today’s leading energy firms.

The Master of Management in Energy is an intensive one-year program focused exclusively on the business of energy and targeted at new or recent college graduates who wish to extend their knowledge and skills for jobs in energy finance, sell-side and buy-side analysis, risk management, consulting and trading.

With a unique curriculum that combines rigorous academic training with real-world applications and sophisticated simulations, the program will offer students a systematic approach to understanding energy finance while providing them with extensive hands-on experience using the industry’s most advanced professional trading tools. Graduates of the program will be qualified for positions with energy companies, specialist securities firms, banks and trading organizations.

“We started with the question, ‘What end product does the industry want?’” says James W. McFarland, Lawrence Distinguished Chair in Finance and executive director of the Tulane Energy Institute. “We asked them, they told us, and we built this program from the ground up to deliver that product.”

The 34-credit-hour program was designed by faculty members from the Tulane Energy Institute in collaboration with industry professionals and includes courses on energy fundamentals, finance, modeling, data analysis, economics, trading, accounting, risk management, strategy and portfolio management. Each course was created or completely redesigned for the program, and each focuses exclusively on energy. In addition, the curriculum will also prepare students to take the Energy Risk Professional (ERP) examination and other industry certification examinations.

Classes will be taught in the Freeman School’s Trading Center, a $3 million simulated trading floor featuring commercial products and data from Thomson Reuters, Trading Technologies, Logical Information Machines and CME Group. Teaching the program will be tenured and tenure-track research professors, full-time clinical professors with extensive industry experience, and executive instructors from energy, accounting, banking and trading firms.

“There’s no other program like this one,” says McFarland. “We’ve put together an innovative curriculum, we have an outstanding group of faculty and executive professors, and we have leading-edge technology that exceeds the capacity of many commercial energy firms. This program is where employers will find the next generation of energy professionals.”

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