Selected Faculty Publications

Osman KazanOsman Kazan’s paper “Electric Power Industry: Operational and Public Policy Challenges and Opportunities,” co-authored with Geoff Parker and Burcu Tan Erciyes, has been accepted for publication in Production and Operations Management. Kazan is a professor of practice in management science and associate director of the Master of Business Analytics program.

Scott KubanScott Kuban’s paper “Too Hot to Handle and Too Valuable to Drop: An Expanded Conceptualization of Firm’s Reactions to Exchange Partner Misconduct,” co-authored with Michael Nalick, Aaron D. Hill and Jason W. Ridge, was accepted for publication in the Academy of Management Journal, and his paper “Contracting in the Smart Era: The Implications of Blockchain and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations for Contracting and Corporate Governance,” co-authored with Alex Murray, Matthew Josefy and Jonathan Anderson, was accepted for publication in Academy of Management Perspectives. Kuban is an assistant professor of management.

Serena Loftus’ paper “Multi-Method Evidence on Investors’ Reactions to Managers’ Self-Inclusive Language,” co-authored with Zhenhua Chen, has been accepted for publication in Accounting, Organizations and Society. The paper investigates how managers’ use of self-inclusive language (such as “I,” “me,” “we” and “us”) affects investors’ reactions to accounting disclosures. Loftus is an assistant professor of accounting.

Gans Narayanamoorthy Shuoyuan HeGans Narayanamoorthy and Shuoyuan He’s paper “Earnings Acceleration and Stock Returns” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Accounting and Economics. Narayanamoorthy is an associate professor of accounting, and He is a visiting assistant professor of accounting.

Ricky Tan’s paper “When to Play Your Advertisement? Optimal Insertion Policy of Behavioral Advertisement,” co-authored with Subodha Kumar and Lai Wei, has been accepted for publication in Information Systems Research. Tan is an assistant professor of management science.


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